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Broadcast Notices

Regular communications are sent to resident from If you do not receive these and would like to, please contact our property manager, Damon Morris at 615-255-8531 or email him at

08/29/13 - Grass Clippings
Please see the attached reminder concerning grass clippings in the community when mowing your yards.

08/20/13- 3rd Annual Pool Party
Please find attached an invitation to the 3rd Annual Meade Adult Party. Make sure you remember to R.S.V.P. if you will be attending.

08/20/13- Movie Night
Please join the Avalon Community for Dive-In Movie night. The details are listed on the flyer attached.

08/16/13- Movie Night
Saturday night, August 17, 2013, is set for night at the clock tower. The movie will begin at 8:00 p.m.

08/9/13- Save the Date
Avalon adult pool party, September 7th at 6pm. Details to follow.

07/03/13 -McEwen and Wilson Pike Intersection
The Board reached out to the City of Franklin to inquire about the road work and new intersection that is to be built at the corner of McEwen and Wilson Pike. We wanted to learn more about the impact it may have to the front of our neighborhood, and wanted our desire for a sidewalk or even shoulder to be included to increase safety of our residents that are runners and cyclists. The City's response and the proposed diagrams are now hosted on the News page of the Meade of Avalon website. Take a look, the news is good! The coolest piece is the aerial illustration of what the intersection is proposed to look like. See attached!

07/03/13 - Fourth of July Reminder!
Please be reminded that fireworks are not allowed to be discharged within the community.

07/02/13 - Survey Update: Community Gate
As part of the follow-up to the recent Home Owners Property Survey, the board promised to provide you with answers to your questions and to keep you up to speed on the action items the board is working on. Today’s topic focuses on the gate. This is a topic we received a lot of questions/comments on. We have updated the FAQ page website to include the answers to your gate questions like: Can I get another remote or r can I get it connected to my car remote? Check the FAQ page for all the answers.

Action Item outcome:
You will be seeing one change in the coming weeks. The instructions on the front of the gate communications system have partially worn off. Unfortunately we cannot simply replace the face panel as it is not an option. Based on the construction of the unit, the entire box would need to be replaced which would be far too expensive for what is broken. So instead a durable label is being created and will be applied to the unit. A much more economical fix! And yes, it will be waterproof and fade resistant.

07/01/13 - Survey Results
Thank you to all the 140 residents who took the time to complete the Meade of Avalon Home Owners Property survey. The board got some great feedback and a lot of questions. As a result, we are in the process of updating our FAQ page on the website to include answers to questions we heard most. Want to know what was results? Click here to view the complete survey results. Be sure to check out the last 2 pages of the PDF to see the list of action items that the board will be addressing as a result. Thanks again for all your input. And if you have additional comments, please use the contact us form on the Meade of Avalon website.

06/27/13 - 4th of July Party!
Please find the attached flyer for The Meade of Avalon party on Saturday, July 6th. We hope you will be able to attend.

06/27/13 - Friendly Reminder - Pool Umbrellas
Please be reminded to put down the pool umbrellas when you leave the pool, if you observe they have been raised. This will help avoid damage and costs associated with replacement. Thank you for your cooperation.

06/14/13 - Wallet Found
A wallet was found in the parking lot next to the pool this morning. If you have lost your wallet, please contact our office at with your contact information which will be forwarded to the resident who found the wallet to make arrangements to get it back. Thank you.

05/30/13 - Street Parking
This is friendly reminder about street parking and that it is only allowed for guest(s). Also, please be advised there are no trailers allowed to be parked within the community; this includes boats. Please be requested to ask your guest(s) to park in the designated guest parking areas first, before parking on the street. Also, if you rent or lease your residence, owners please be requested to ensure your tenants are receiving these types of notices for their reference. Thank you for your cooperation.

05/28/13 - Garage Sales
Please be reminded that individual garage/yard sales are not permitted in The Meade of Avalon. If there is a resident wishing to help run a community wide sale, please let us know by emailing at your convenience.

05/22/13 & 05/24/13 - Memorial Day Party at the pool
Come join the Meade of Avalon Memorial Day Pool Party! Please find the attached flyer for complete details!

05/20/13 - Glasses Found
I found a pair of prescription sunglasses in the parking lot near the lake at the rear of the subdivision this weekend. I can be reached at 406.1919 with a description of the glasses and I will be happy to return them. Robert Kimbrell - 406.1919

05/17/13 - Movie Night Cancelled
The movie has been cancelled for tonight due to the weather, and will be attempted tomorrow night (Saturday), weather permitting.

05/16/13 - Movie Night
Please find the attached flyer for move night this Friday, May 17th.

05/14/13 & 05/24/13 - Community Survey
The Meade of Avalon Boards of Directors have hired Criterium-Smith Engineers to perform an evaluation of the common areas in our development. This review will assist the association in planning and budgeting for future property maintenance and capital improvements. Your concerns are an important part of this evaluation. Please answer this short survey so we can share your perspective with Criterium-Smith. In addition it will allow the boards to quickly focus on concerns common to many owners. We ask you to complete the survey no later than Friday, May 24th.

Click here to take the survey now.

04/23/13 - Cinco De Mayo Party
Please find the attached information about a Cinco de Mayo Party!

04/17/13- Clarification Update - Pool Gates
Please be updated with clarification on the pool gate information previously emailed today as follows: We would like to be sure all are clear about the new pool gate. It is a brand new gate and the old brass keys that residents currently have will no longer work. However, the gate remotes that you currently have for the main entrance gate will now open the pool gate as well, when within range. If residents would like to have an individual access key fob specifically for the pool gate, they may be purchased for $25 each from the homeowners association. You may submit your request for the key fob for the pool gate online at, then select pool key request. The Board was hopeful that residents would enjoy the elimination of a key and the ability to utilize the gate remote they have for the pool as well. Please be reminded that as it was an issue last year at the pool, there is NO alcohol allowed at the pool facilities.

04/16/13- New Pool Gate
The Meade of Avalon is having a new pool gate installed with secure access. The plan is for the gate openings to also work in the pool gate when they are within a few feet of the gate. If you would like to purchase electronic key fobs for the new pool gate, they will be available for $25 each through the Meade of Avalon Homeowners Association. Please contact the association's Homeowner Service Center to request your key fob at 615-277-0358 or You may also go to and select pool key request to complete your request online. Attached are the pool rules for reference. The pool will open May 1st.

04/04/13- Community Informations
As the warmer weather approaches, please be reminded of routine lawn and landscape maintenance as stated in the attached flyer.

03/21/13 - Easter Egg Hunt Reminders
Please be reminded there will be an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th at 2:00 PM at the clock tower. Please find the attached flyer for all the details. We hope you can come participate and have fun!

03/20/13 - Neighborhood Watch
Our office received information from a resident that around 6:30 am this morning, a random man came inside the screened patio on the back side of the house at 122 Delta Boulevard. It was reported that he began knocking on the rear door/windows asking for directions to the Drury Hotel. The Franklin Police were contacted. The physical description of the unidentified man was about 5'7", late 50's, wearing jeans, plaid shirt and a short brown/black jacket. He had glasses and a baseball cap and looked a bit disheveled. It was also observed that he did not have a car. Please be sure to report all suspicious activity to the Police as this owner did by contacting them at 794-2513. Thank you.

03/07/13 - Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 30th at 2:00 at the Clock tower. Bring your own basket! All ages welcome. The Easter Bunny will be joining us! Click here to view the flyer.

02/25/13- We need your help for the Meade of Avalon 2013 Social Events!!!
In order to promote community involvement and have the best social events possible, we are asking residents to help plan and execute this year's social events. If you would be interested in planning a social event individually or in a small group, please come to the Social Committee meeting to be held Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00, 300 Pennystone Circle. Please see the attached document to consider which event or events you would be interesting in planning.

02/19/13- Friendly Reminder - Pet Responsibility
We hope you are enjoying being a resident in the Meade of Avalon, and we would like to share several friendly reminders pertaining to pets in your community.

  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste appropriate
  • Do not allow your pet to use a neighbor's lawn
  • Maintain control of your pet on a leash when outside the residence
  • Be mindful of your dog's barking to prevent a noise disturbance

Thank you in advance. If you do not have a pet and this does not apply to you, please disregard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Association's homeowner service center at 615-277-0358 or

02/11/13- Community Gate Damaged
Please be advised that The Meade of Avalon gate was damaged on Saturday, January 2, 2013, at approximately 8:30 am. The damages cost $438.00 to repair, and the Board is continuing to investigate who may have caused this damage. If you have any information, please let the Association know by emailing or calling 615-277-0358. The Board of Directors would like to allow the responsible party an opportunity to contact us regarding their responsibility to pay for the damages to avoid the Franklin Police Department being contacted and a report filed.

02/07/13 - Neighborhood Watch Committee Chairperson Needed
We are asking for a volunteer to serve as the chairperson for the Neighborhood Watch Committee. Anyone interested is welcome to contact Damon Morris, community association manager, via email or call 615-277-0303 for details as to what it entails. Please keep in mind that the main items would be to have other residents volunteer to work with the community to help keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood and to have a presence at community functions. Also, participation would mean that you are able to attend the Neighborhood Watch Meetings and Training conducted by the Franklin Police Department.

02/05/13 - Item Found
Please be advised that a resident of 368 Pennystone Circle found an American flag in their backyard after the recent storm, and it is hanging on their fence, if you think this may be yours.

02/01/13 - Lost Items
Please be requested that if you find any items that may have blown near your residence from the recent storm to contact our office at, so that we may inform the community via email of any items found. The owners of 321 Pennystone have reported that they have a patio chair and cushion which were misplaced in the recent storm, if you happen to find the items.

01/31/13 - Item Found
Please be advised that a resident of 340 Pennystone Circle found a shutter and rug on their property this morning. Anyone missing these items may retrieve them from inside the fenced rear lawn of 340 Pennystone Circle. The owner at 340 has said it was OK for them to go inside his fence.

01/31/13 - Storm Damage
Please be advised that the common areas have been inspected for damage and various matters like the stop sign at patriot lane and Pennystone Circle, as well as landscaping damage, have been reported to the appropriate persons for repair. Please be advised to inspect your home as many were noted having damage to flashing and shutters.

01/14/13 - Attempted Break-in
Please be advised there was an attempted vehicle break-in at 511 Pennystone Drive at 1:00 a.m., Monday morning the 14th. The owner spotted the individual and contacted the police when they ran off. The individual was reported to be a teenage male with dark hair, approximately six feet tall wearing a red t-shirt and darker colored shorts/pants and was carrying a flashlight. When spotted, he ran up the alley of Pennystone Drive making his way toward the front of the community. The Franklin Police were able to pull fingerprints from the vehicle. Should you notice any suspicious activity, please contact the Franklin Police at (615) 794-2513. Also, please note that it is very important for residents to keep their homes and vehicles locked and no items of value left in vehicles, especially not where visible.

01/14/13 - Vehicle Parking
This is a friendly reminder from your homeowners association that there is no resident parking on the streets. Please be reminded that residents should park in their garages and driveways as required per the governing documents. Thank you in advance.

01/11/13 - Awesome Job Avalon
The 2012 Avalon Community Service Project was a huge success! As a community we collected over 115 gifts for the patients at our local nursing home. You all were extremely creative and generous this year. This year's delivery included; sweaters, blankets, puzzles, shirts, robes, outfits, C.D.'s and many other great ideas. The sweet folks at the home were so appreciative and excited to see the mounds of gifts surrounding their Christmas tree. The staff was so appreciative and we requested that the staff sort and deliver the gifts to each room on Christmas Eve. Please know that your generosity helped to make their holidays and coming days a bit brighter! On behalf of the Avalon Social Committee, I thank each of you. Our community is truly filled with special families. I hope you all have a Happy New Year! "Special Thanks" to Chad Hethcox for helping deliver the gifts and taking photos.

01/11/13 - Holiday Decor
As we enter into a new year, this is a friendly reminder from the homeowners association that any exterior holiday decor should be removed by January 15, 2013. The goal of the Association is work as a community to protect everyone's investment and quality of the neighborhood. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

12/14/12- Lost Cat
Your help is requested please. A lost cat named Josie (click here to see photo) got out of her home at 336 Wandering Circle and is missing.  We are asking if you may have seen Josie or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Mark or Laura at  727-366-3330 or 727-742-5845. Owners are offering a reward for her safe return!

12/12/12 - Avalon Community Service Project
Please be reminded of the upcoming Meade of Avalon Second Annual Christmas Community Service Project during the dates of December 18th - 20th!  The attached flyer provides all the details.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

12/07/12-Friendly Reminder
We hope you are enjoying being a resident in the Meade of Avalon, and we would like to share several friendly reminders pertaining to pets in your community.

  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste appropriately
  • Do not allow your pet to use a neighbor's lawn
  • Maintain control of your pet on a leash when outside the residence
  • Be mindful of your dog's barking to prevent a noise disturbance

Thank you in advance.  If you do not have a pet and this does not apply to you, please disregard.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Association's homeowner service center at 615-277-0358 or

12/06/12- Broadcast Notice - 2nd Annual Avalon Community Service Project
It is with great pleasure that we provide the attached details pertaining to the Meade of Avalon Second Annual Christmas Community Service Project! Thank you in advance!

11/05/12 -Entrance Gate
Please be advised that over the weekend the exit gate was damaged.  We are aware of the exit gate currently being broken and not functioning.  We apologize to you for any inconvenience that this may cause and assure you that the gate company has been contacted to make the gate repairs as soon as possible.

10/24/12 -Meeting Reminder
Please be reminded of The Meade of Avalon annual homeowners meeting to be held on October 25th at 6:30 PM at Kenrose Elementary, 1702 Raintree Parkway, Brentwood, TN 37027. If you will be unable to attend the meeting, please submit the enclosed proxy so your vote can still be counted. Should you have any questions prior to the annual meeting, please contact the Association's Homeowner Service Center at 615-277-0358 or email We look forward to seeing you there!

10/24/12 - Vehicle Break-ins
Please be advised that on both Friday and Saturday night this previous weekend, it was reported by residents that two vehicles were broken into within The Meade of Avalon. The vehicles were on Wandering Circle and Wandering Trail. One vehicle was left unlocked where a backpack was removed and found on a neighbor's lawn afterward with no items missing. The other vehicle had a large rock thrown through a window with a purse being taken that was not found.
Please be on the alert and report any suspicious behavior to the local Police Department at 794-2513. Thank you for your cooperation.

10/24/12 - Movie Night at Clock Tower Time Change
Due to the drop in temperature we are moving Movie Night to Friday. Come see Hocus Pocus at the clock tower. Showing will start at dusk.

10/17/12-Halloween Party
You are invited to The Meade of Avalon Halloween Party on Saturday, October 27th at the Clock Tower. 4pm for games, bounce house, crafts, hayride and treats. At dusk there will be a Spooky Movie. We hope to see you there!

  • Costumes optional- (warning there will be lots of activities, crafts and a bouncer)
  • Please bring a treats to share for a Community Snack Table (cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, pretzels, juice boxes, waters, etc…)
  • If anyone has 6ft fold out tables or Cornhole boards, we would love to borrow them for the event!!!!
  • If you have any items to donate email

10/11/12 - Entrance Work
You may have noticed the ongoing work at the entrance.  The developer is satisfying the City of Franklin's request to remove the dead juniper and mulch and replace it with sod under Phase IV of the Surety Bond.  The Meade of Avalon Board of Directors has requested a landscaping plan for consideration so that after the bonds are released, we can further beautify/improve the entrance to the community. 

9/20/12 - Dog Responsibility
The Meade of  Avalon Association sends a friendly reminder to dog owners to be mindful of the noise their pets make that could be a disturbance to others.  Also, please take care to keep your dog on a leash when outside the residence and make every effort to clean up your dog's waste for proper disposal. 

9/6/12 - Re: Guest Vehicle Parking:
Please be informed a Yellow Jeep bearing license tag a TN 433-PFD has been parked in the Guest Parking Only area on Pennystone Circle alley near  the clock tower.  It has been there for about a week.  The vehicle will be tagged for towing if it is not removed.  Please be reminded guest parking is for short term only. Thank you for your cooperation.

9/5/12 - Re: Low Country Boil
You are invited to The Meade's Low Country Boil on Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 6:00-10:00 PM.  It will be at The Meade of Avalon pool, Franklin, TN 37067.  Copy and paste this link in your website browser for complete details and to RSVP via the evite invitation. 

9/5/12 - Exterior Painting Reminder
Please find the attached information pertaining to 2012 fall painting.  NOTE: If you are a townhome owner, please kindly disregard this notice.

8/27/12- Parking
Please be requested to see the attached picture of a truck parked in the Avalon community.  If anyone knows who it belongs to, please ask them to have it removed. It does not appear to belong to a resident and will be tagged on Tuesday for towing Friday morning.  Thank you in advance.

8/23/12-McEwen Drive and Intersection Update
THANKS for your patience! I had a lot of info to put together for multiple people, plus I had to meet with City Staff and Administration numerous times regarding the new traffic pattern at the McEwen / Oxford Glen / Cool Springs intersection and I only wanted to do this once and get as much info in the hands of the people as possible so thus the delay. It also took me longer to get all this accomplished as I have had numerous personal issues that required my time. Thanks for being patient. I know the traffic-tie-up on the weekday   mornings has been a big issue on McEwen and we are trying everyday to alleviate it as best we can and seriously address safety issues as well.   See the attachments for more info.

Hope this information helps. We will be having a special BOMA meeting this fall to prioritize our funding for 2013 and I will be pushing McEwen Phase IV design between the newly to be constructed intersections (of Wilson / McEwen and McEwen/Oxford Glen/Cool Springs) full speed ahead. I am thrilled that we will get started very soon on putting the roundabout through and on the McEwen / Wilson Pike intersection (as soon as we can work the issue out with the foreclosed property).  
Always something isn't it? But... we forge ahead. 
In the attachment  "CIP Priority Ranking" - scroll down and see McEwen Phase IV listed as *3 

By the way, after you have read the attachments- let me know if you would rather the city spend the $75,000+ to put in a traffic light at the  McEwen/Oxford Glen/Cool Springs intersection for the next  9 to 10 months vs paying a police officer to address safety issues and move traffic for the next 12 month for the morning commute times (7 AM- 8:45 AM) at around $10,000.  
Send me an email and please put in the SUBJECT line either: 
Go with the Officer or Spend the money for the traffic light. 
It is also helpful to me if you include your Name and email address in the body of the email. 

Hope you all are doing well.
Alderman Beverly Burger, Ward 1 Franklin, TN , , (615) 498-4794

8/13/12 - Yard Sale
For complete details, see the events page

8/13/12- CCR Information
Please be advised by The Meade of Avalon HOA that it was recently discovered there are two recorded sets of Avalon Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that Newmark Homes had completed. The first set was recorded September 30, 2005. This set was provided to several owners who purchased homes around that time. The second set was recorded on June 19, 2006 - it is the most recent set and would be the correct governing documents. The Association has been using the most recent set and was never aware of a previously recorded set until recently. We want to assure that all owners have the correct set. They are available on our website forms page.

8/10/12-GE Dishwasher Recall Information
Please be advised that we have been made aware of a recall of GE Dishwashers. It has also been brought to our attention this may effect many homes in the Avalon community. Please share this information with your tenants. This is all the information we have on this recall, so please direct all questions to GE. For more information, please call GE at 866-918-8760 or use the link provided below:

8/9/12- Friendly Reminder
Please be reminded to be mindful of your vehicle speed as you travel through the community.  Slow down, be cautious and watch for kids at play, pedestrians, etc.

7/2/12- No fireworks
Please be notified with a friendly reminder that it is a violation of the governing documents to discharge fireworks in the community.  Also, given the extreme dryness we are experiencing, it is a great danger to the community.

6/28/12- Annual Meeting reminder
Please be reminded of The Meade of Avalon annual meeting to be held on June 22nd at the Williamson County Administrative Complex in the Auditorium, 1320 West Main Street Franklin, TN 37064.  The Auditorium is located on the right side near the back of the building (northeast corner of the building). Attached is the proxy for your use if you will be unable to attend the meeting, so your vote can still be counted. 

6/14/12 -Childcare list
Please be advised the updated childcare list for The Meade of Avalon is attached. (Note: for security we have not posted this document to the website. Please contact for the document.)

6/12/12 -Annual Meeting and Upcoming Fence Vote
Please find the attached important information pertaining to The Meade of Avalon annual meeting and the upcoming fence vote. 

6/4/12- Avalon Well
By way of this communication, please be advised that unfortunately, the Meade of Avalon was drilled down to 300 feet and did not hit any significant amount of water. Only about 1/2 gallon per minute.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Homeowner Service Center at 615-277-0358 or

5/22/12- Avalon Homeowners Association Annual Meeting
Please save the date for the Avalon Homeowners Association Annual Meeting, to be held:
Friday, June 22, 2012, at 6:30 pm at the Williamson County Administrative Complex
1320 West Main Street, Franklin, TN 37067. Our previous location was no longer available for use due to a partnership with the YMCA.  We attempted to contact other organizations in the area, but were unable to locate anything within budget.  More information will be sent soon. We apologize for it being a Friday night, but scheduling and restrictions on the timeframe allotted in the governing documents resulted in a Friday night.   Please submit your proxy when it is received if you are unable to attend so that we may avoid scheduling another meeting, as it is costly to the Association (the homeowners).

3/16/12- Paper cancelation
Please be informed that if you wish to cancel the free paper that arrives weekly, you may contact The Tennessean to request delivery of this free paper be stopped.  The information to contact the Tennessean is provided below:

The Tennessean, 800-342-8237,

It has been noted on community inspections that many free papers are left out for days before being picked up, and this detracts from the appearance of the community. All homeowners are encouraged to cancel this free paper, if you do not desire to receive it.  Thank you for your cooperation.

2/28/12- Childcare list
The Meade of Avalon Social Committee requested that if anyone is interested in babysitting to please email the following information:

    Phone number:
    Typical availability:
    Any experience or certifications:

Please email this information to who will compile a childcare list. Upon completion, the list will be emailed to Avalon of Meade residents to print and use for reference.