Mead of Avalon Committees

Here is a list of our current HOA committees. Each committee is led by resident volunteers and has a specific purpose within our community. A mission statement created by each committee defines their role and actions. There is only one requirement to join: You must reside in the community. Other than that, you can help out with any committee function either as a member (which is preferred) or as a volunteer during scheduled events. Please contact the Committee Chair in charge of the group you wish to join.

Architectural Review Board Committee

The Architectural Review Committees job is to insure that the harmonious architectural and aesthetic improvement's are done in compliance with the CC&R's. We look at each request for any exterior change that comes to us with the utmost care to help the owner achieve their improvement goals. We would like to remind everyone that is considering any exterior change, that an exterior change application must be submitted with a description of what is to be accomplished. A plot plan must accompany the application with the planed improvements plotted on the plan. This should be sent to Ghertner & Company and they will forward to the ARC. We are your neighbors and here to help keep the Mead of Avalon a beautiful and wonderful place to live. 

Download a ARC Change Application here.
Download the Vegatable Garden Guidelines here.

Social Committee

Our goal for the Social Committee is to foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other. We are looking forward to planning exciting events for our community!

Chair: Jesse Pyle

Pool Committee

The Avalon Pool Committee is a group of residents who work together to help enforce pool rules, focus on ensuring security and enjoyment for all homeowners, make decisions on purchases of pool accessories, and plan for the future of the Avalon pool.

Chair:Randy Mitchell
Download pool rules here.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee serves as the "eyes" of the community and advises the property manager of any landscaping needs. The committee also makes recommendations on long and short-term improvements, seasonal flowers, and general maintenance.

Chair:  Chad Pyle