Property Management

The Meade of Avalon is managed by Ghertner & Company which acts as an administrator for our HOA. Our property managers are:

Damon Morris
Patrick Landrum 
Telephone       615-255-8531
Website: Avalon Pages on Ghertner

Business hours:  Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Our property managers:

  • Reports to the Board.
  • Are responsible for overseeing daily operations and projects as authorized by the Board.
    • This includes on-site inspections, meeting regularly with service contractors/vendors, obtaining quotes on behalf of the Board, and preparing detailed reports for Board meetings.
  • Implements the Board’s decisions on behalf of the Association.
  • Maintains records, documents, and books of the Association.
  • Carries out the administration, policies, procedures and management decisions approved by the Board.
  • Act as the liaison between community contractors, residents, and the Board.
  • Has specific authorization and obligations as contained within the management contract.